Not all designs speak to everyone. Hyacinth Inspirations was founded very selfishly to to provide a different views on embroidery with designs that varied from what seems to be currently available. These are things we want to stitch that we were having problems finding already available.

Our kits are made with quality materials. We use silks for most of our threads, and high quality beads, wires, fabrics and notions. We stock each kit with extra threads, so you will hopefully never run out of fibers while working on a project.

Our focus is more on designs that we love than on any one technique, so we offer mulitple stitching techniques as kits and designs.

We love flexibility and freedom, so it is a rare design that does not allow for some personalization. Please remember, we will not be coming to your house to check up on you after you start a Hyacinth Inspirations project, so change what ever will bring you joy to change. We'd love to hear what you do change in our designs, so please let us know!

We are very new, so please keep checking back to see as we will add new designs often.